IT Infrastructure Planning and Design

Netserv can help you optimize your IT investments and expand the capabilities available to your organization by planning and architecting the right technology infrastructure.


IT transformation has become a necessity to stay ahead and remain successful in today’s market. A forward-looking company responds to the changing market dynamics by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new capabilities.

Through our Infrastructure planning and design services, we are helping organizations re-evaluate and reconstruct their IT environment to align with business goals. A robust, flexible infrastructure is key to optimizing your IT investments and incorporating new capabilities into your existing organization.


Infrastructure Strategy and Planning services

Infrastructure Strategy and Planning services evaluate and prioritize IT optimization options and define a road map of activities that can reduce costs and improve utilization using time-tested methods and best-practice analysis.


Architecture and Design services for IT infrastructures

Architecture and Design services for IT infrastructures bridge the gap between strategic intent and your deployed infrastructure using a structured methodology to develop the architecture and design.


Why Infrastructure Architecture Matters

Infrastructure architecture is a new kid on the architecture block. Traditionally, a large amount of IT-architecture attention has been devoted to information and application architecture. However, several developments have fostered a growing desire for infrastructure architecture. But not only will an organization’s infrastructure provisions benefit from the appliance of this new architectural discipline; IT architecture, as a whole, will mature. Being that infrastructure architecture is in its childhood, a lot of work has to be done to stimulate and create infrastructure-architecture methods, models, and tools. This paper includes a number of first steps in this new architecture discipline.