Next Generation Services

Network setup is backbone of any services in the IT organisation. Having the secure designed Network Architecture is one of the pillar of organisation. To secure the Network we may require more security intelligent devices need to be integrated with existing Network Infrastructure.


We help our customer on following:
  • To build more secure network by providing the Network Security consulting services.
  • Migration solution for Network Security Devices and configuration such as Network Firewall and Network Firewall Analysers with the help of our Experience Security Experts.


NGNETSERV Advantage:
  • Multi-vendor and High-Experienced Experts are committed in NGNETSERV to deliver Network Security Services.
  • CISCO and other Vendor partnership helps us to provide End-to-End Security solution to our valuable customers.
  • Industry vendor certified Engineers and network Experts.


Network Security Services provided (not limited to) by NGNETSERV :
  • Data center Network Security Firewall and Firewall Analyzer Implementation
  • Enterprise Campus and Branch-office Network Firewall implementation.
  • Network Security Design consultation and solution
  • Security Devices Performance consultation and solution
  • Firewall Migration consultation and solution
  • Network Security solution and design documentation
  • Proof-of-concept test before design implementation.


Information Security Services:

All the IT companies in the world depends on their IT Infrastructure to deliver their Services and Applications to the End users. Securing the IT infrastructure is not enough to secure the IT Infrastructure. We need much more faster solution to detect the attacks of Hackers and prevent the Hackers coming into the IT Network. This requires a solution which can detect, monitor and defend the network from the Hackers coming into the Secured Network Infrastructure.

Whereas Firewall Network Security solutions prevent the activity only IP based. But we need a solution which can act based on the Traffic behaviors. NGNETSERV commited to provide information security solution based on Defence in depth model to our customers.

Our solution helps our customer implement their security solution in each layer without compromising business requirement and Audit certification requirement.


NGNETSERV Information Security Solution offers are:
  • Designing and Implementing Information Security Architect according to customer business Requirement.
  • Implementation of Intrusion Prevention /Detection System (IPS/IDS).
  • Implementation of Internet Proxy solution to provide secure internet access to the organisation.
  • Implementation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Architect solution to provide secure and authenticated access to organisation network.
  • Implementation of Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution for Web Application security.
  • Implementation of Host Intrusion PreventionSystem (HIPS) for End devices Security.
  • Implementation ofEmail Security Gateway solution for Securing Email solution.
  • Implementation of Advanced persistent threat (APT)solution for Web access, Email and File transfer solution.
  • Implementation of security information and event management (SIEM) to analyse the real time alert of all the devices and services in the IT Infrastructure.