Google Cloud Computing 

Netserv’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification program will empower you with the skills needed to advance your cloud architecture career and become a certified Google Professional Cloud Architect.

This course covers Compute, Networking, Storage, Identity Access Management, Security & many more. Our online Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification course introduces you to learn how to analyze and deploy infrastructure components such as networks, storage systems, and application services.

The GCP certification tests your ability to create cloud architecture, manage the cloud solution infrastructure, and optimize technical and business processes while ensuring the reliability of solutions and operations.

Google Cloud Computing Certifications

Google Cloud Computing certifications give you validation for your professional development. They help you scale your skillset against your peers and demonstrate your professional value to hiring managers.

Using GCP’s core services, Compute, Storage, Network & Security, will give you everything you need to begin your cloud journey. You can start with GCP’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS), creating virtual machines with the resources you need.



GCP Training 

GCP training teaches students & professionals how to design, develop, manage, and administer application infrastructure, and data solutions on Google Cloud technology. Earning a Google Cloud Certification gives you the skills to leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms business.


Specializing in the Google Cloud Platform is valuable for enterprises that are looking to migrate their IT infrastructure. To aid the constant increase in demand, we offer the best training for enterprises and professionals alike.

Syllabus GCP

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