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Improve your protection and safeguard against ransomware, insider threats, and malware with advanced threat intelligence. We prevent dangers with next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention, and real-time monitoring, featuring MDR, XDR, Vulnerability management, Identity & Access Management Cloud Security.


Add Proactive monitoring, incident response and management. SOC utilizes advanced technology for SIEM and incident response and management. Simultaneously, NOC uses predictive analytics and follows the sun monitoring for optimal performance, blending SOAR and advanced analytics to ensure operational continuity and enhance security foresight.

Network and Unified Communication

Transform enterprise networks to scalable Cloud-first networks and VoIP solutions. We offer end-to-end management and help customers modernize & improve resilience, operational agility, processes and customer experience in SD-WAN, Network Security, VPN, Network and Infra implementation, SASE, Unified Communications, and global Contact Centers.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Enhance data resilience with Managed Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services. Utilizing cloud storage, automation, and immutable backups, we ensure data readiness. AI-driven insights, continuous replication, and instant recovery bolster business continuity, guarding against data loss.

Cloud Optimization

Enhance cloud functions with multi-cloud platform management (AWS, Azure, GCP), deployment, configuration, and optimization. Ensure peak performance, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and seamless operations. Our expert team delivers cloud automation and real-time data processing, fostering efficiency and innovation.

Consulting & Advisory
Consulting and Advisory

Excel in meticulous assessment and cloud protection. Implement contemporary cybersecurity frameworks to safeguard infrastructure longevity, provide a roadmap for a resilient, agile IT ecosystem, and elevate security and fortify IT strength through digital transformation, vCISO expertise, and strategic cloud assessment.

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Security Services Offerings

Security Services Offerings
Cyber Security
Our cybersecurity approach fortifies the cloud, networks, endpoints, and emails against ransomware and threats. Swift threat detection and response reduce MTTD and MTTR. Real-time monitoring and Cloud Security Services enhance landscapes with IoT automation. Global Risk Management, Data Security, Application Security, and AI-driven services tackle evolving challenges, ensuring protection and operational continuity.
Security Services Offerings
Cloud Security
We provide a secure, adaptable platform tailored to sector-specific needs. Our enterprise-grade environment ensures seamless cloud migration, accelerates research, and maintains patient trust. We meet rigorous security and compliance standards, facilitating effortless integration of cloud-based applications for enhanced efficiency in existing operations.
Security Services Offerings
OT/IoT Security
In healthcare and life sciences, IoT security isn't optional; it's foundational. Unlike traditional models, IoT's unique demands require continuous, reliable 3GPP technologies. Shifting to proactive, automated security is essential for enterprises managing the growing IoT landscape, ensuring swift threat responses and cybersecurity risk mitigation.
Security Services Offerings
IT Infrastructure Security
Optimize operational capabilities, minimize risks, and maximize technology investments. With a comprehensive approach spanning on-premises, cloud, and IT infrastructure, we enhance agility and resilience. Our expert team ensures seamless, secure, and cost-effective multiplatform functionality, allowing industries to focus on core objectives.

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At NetServ, we enable healthcare and life sciences businesses to excel and keep up with the constantly evolving landscape by providing essential Managed IT Services. Our primary focus is guiding organizations to modernize their IT operations, secure their data centers and cloud environments, and implement advanced security measures. With over 100+ highly skilled technology professionals, we deliver unparalleled expertise and experience to each client. We aim to help businesses stay ahead of the curve and achieve their objectives through IT solutions.

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