Despite most organizations adopting one or more cloud services, IT teams rarely include a sufficiently staffed cloud group experienced in cloud strategy, cloud design, Cloud governance, Cost optimization, security, migrations. This increases the risk of cloud project success and causes delays, increased costs, and unnecessary disruptions.

Our Professional Services offerings customized frameworks designed to help enterprises transition their journey into cloud computing with our cloud adoption approach and help them focus more on business strategy, decision-making and maximize their ROI.

Cloud Modernization
Our Cloud Services team can help your organization access cloud expertise, proven processes, tools, and experience to execute your cloud migration or modernization initiatives more quickly and successfully.
Our Cloud Service team of highly experienced cloud experts provide services that address every cloud journey stage and every cloud maturity level—from creating cloud roadmap, helping identify the right cloud and services based on your business requirements, design, and implementation of cloud services, manage, cloud optimization, securing your cloud environment, cost optimization, and connectivity, for seamless cloud adoption and migrations with minimal disruption
Find out how our NetServ Cloud Services team can support your cloud journey and help you achieve predictable costs, improved security, reliability, and agility.

Our Portfolio of Cloud Professional Services

  • Cloud strategy and consulting
  • Cloud readiness assessments & TCO analysis
  • Cloud optimization services
  • Hybrid Multi-Cloud services
  • Planning and migrations to public cloud
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Disaster recovery & backup cervices
  • Creation of automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Infrastructure cloud security optimization
  • Cloud governance and cost optimization
  • Improve security and reliability for your applications
  • Manage your cloud environments - AWS, GCP, and Azure

Cloud Strategy and Consulting Services

A cloud strategy is a concise point of view on the role of the cloud within the organization. It is a living document designed to bridge a high-level corporate strategy and a cloud implementation/adoption/migration plan. A cloud strategy is different from a cloud adoption or migration plan.

We help you figure out the right cloud strategy with our consulting services, using which an organization can elastically scale up or down to fit its ever-changing business needs.

Planning and migrations to Public Cloud

Cloud migration commonly refers to moving tools and data from legacy infrastructure or an on-premises data center to the cloud.

Though "cloud migration" typically refers to moving things from on-premises to the cloud, it can also refer to moving from one cloud to another cloud.

We help you to plan your on-prem migration to the cloud We provide recommendations of the proper discovery & migration tools to be used to smoothen the process Not only that, but we help you engage your team to get the best out of each migration pattern.

Cloud Modernization Benefits

  • Improve Security of your organization
  • Full Stack Observability (FSO)
  • Faster time to market
  • Operatalize Platform cost
  • Agile software and infrastructure deployment

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