NetServ offers Managed Network Services specifically for the healthcare and life sciences industries, leveraging the latest technological advancements to meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape. Our primary focus lies in streamlining complex technical infrastructures and providing extensive support for various network devices and architectures, including LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, SDN/SD-WAN, and Network Edge services.

Managed Network Services
Managed Network Services

In healthcare and life sciences, precision is vital. NetServ's Managed Network Services ensure seamless operations, recognizing the critical role of network stability and security. Our team employs AI-driven platforms and advanced tools for proactive issue resolution. The State-of-the-Art Enterprise Network Operations Center offers a 360-degree view, enabling real-time insights and quick decision-making. Aligned with technological advancements, our services empower organizations to focus on core objectives, entrusting network management to a reliable partner for elevated operations.

Key Features

NetServ’s Managed Network Services

Offers customizable, flexible service models ensuring continuous delivery, cost optimization, proactive monitoring, and predictive analytics, ensuring unmatched availability, scalability, and compliance with industry regulations like HIPAA and FDA standards.
Network Services

360 View of Enterprise IT

Our integrated platform provides a 360-degree view of healthcare IT, offering real-time insights, performance analysis, and continuous service reliability for optimal efficiency.

Network Services

Unmatched Availability

Unparalleled availability, delivering seamless device and service orchestration through end-to-end automation, rapid testing, and standardized templates, ensuring efficiency, quality, and adaptability.

Network Services

Proactive Monitoring & Predictive Analytics

Proactive monitoring and predictive analytics on our healthcare-focused site. Track alerts, manage issues preemptively, and automate IT processes for efficient, reliable operations. Innovate for health and research.

Network Services


Revolutionizing healthcare tech with innovative SDN and NFV methods, our platform optimizes connectivity and scalability across diverse environments, ensuring adaptive, secure, and efficient systems.

Key Benefits of Managed Network

NetServ's Managed Network Services deliver various benefits tailored for the ever-evolving healthcare and life sciences sectors. With trending keywords like "healthcare" and "life sciences" in mind, our services provide:
  • Optimized Cost of Operations :

  • Streamline network infrastructure, reducing operational expenses while maintaining high performance.

  • Quality of Services :

  • We ensure your network is available 24/7, with proactive monitoring and predictive analytics to maintain optimal reliability.

  • Access to Network Specialists :

  • Our team of experienced specialists covers a broad technology spectrum, addressing your healthcare and life sciences needs.

  • End-to-End Accountability :

  • We take full responsibility for your network, guiding its transformation and ensuring it's future-ready.

  • Enhanced Network Security-Proactive Monitoring and Automated Remediation :

  • Proactive monitoring and automated remediation to protect sensitive healthcare and life sciences data.


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