Data center modernization can challenge even the most skilled IT teams. Our experienced professional services experts make your data center modernization smoother and more efficient.
We work with your team to understand your objectives and requirements, build a technical roadmap strategy, provide advisory services, design data center architectures that align technology with your business initiatives.


Our teams follow proven methodologies to discover your current technology architecture and define a clear future architecture based on industry best practices and your desired business outcome. Detailed architecture and migration plans are created to achieve that future vision while minimizing disruption risk and accelerating results.

Achieve your DC modernization goals faster with less risk by leveraging a professional services team experienced in successfully delivering DC transformation.

The Data Center Modernization Professional Services Includes

App Modernization
App Modernization
Application modernization begins with modernizing three tiers of tightly coupled monolithic applications to modern, agile, and loosely coupled microservices architectures that enable greater flexibility and agility.
Our Expertise
Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) Serverless Kubernetes
Software-Defined Data Center
Software-Defined Data Center
Data center modernization is the fundamental shift to software-defined everything (Compute, Network, Storage) is to achieve the scalability, flexibility, automation, and agility to run an organization's enterprise applications in a hybrid cloud environment.
Our Expertise
Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) VXLAN/EVPN Fabric NSX and DCNM
>Hyper-Converged Infrastructure / Storage
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure / Storage
HCI is a software-defined unified system that combines storage, network, compute, and management. HCI provides several benefits, including lower TCO, better reliability, scalability, data protection, and resource utilization.
Our Expertise
HyperFlex vSAN Intersight

How can NetServ help?

Our Datacenter modernization benefits include

  • Software-defined infrastructure
  • Enhanced security and On-demand scalability
  • Reduced TCO and simplicity
  • Faster innovation with cloud-native and microservices

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