Increase the Security of Your Cloud and Digital Ecosystems with NetServ's Adaptive Cyber Defense Solutions.

The life sciences sector, encompassing various industries like hospital management, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, and medical equipment manufacturing, has embraced cutting-edge technology by effectively deploying IoT-enabled devices, automation, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and highly scalable digital health platforms.


However, alongside the rapid integration of advanced technology, the industry faces significant cybersecurity risks. These threats range from targeted breaches of health records and patient databases to potential exposure of pharmaceutical intellectual property and the potential disruption of IoT-based medical devices. Additionally, navigating through evolving regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), HIPAA, and Medicare reforms like MACRA poses an ongoing challenge.

NetServ understands the specific requirements of the life sciences industry and provides comprehensive cybersecurity services. Our offerings include Global Risk and Compliance Management, Data Security and Privacy, Application Security, Infrastructure and Cloud Security services, Identity and Access Management, 360-degree OT Security, and more.


Utilizing our Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework, we leverage AI and predictive analytics to deliver a proactive and integrated response to potential threats, significantly enhancing your security posture. This approach empowers your organization to safeguard patient identity, ensure business and operational continuity, and maintain customer trust.

Key Challenges

Unpatched systems and applications

Old software and systems put healthcare at risk of cyber-attacks, risking loss of private data and theft of important research plans. To protect against this, the industry needs a secure way to hide data, control access, monitor databases, and prevent theft.


Third-Party Risk

Interactions between different groups in big businesses can accidentally or purposely expose patient and research info, causing problems in care and treatment development. NetServ's solution protects against mistakes and risks, catering to dynamic enterprises.


IT-OT integration

In healthcare and life sciences, it's crucial to keep IT-OT systems secure. NetServ's 360° SecureOT framework helps create and maintain a safe IT-OT solution for Industry 4.0 by providing real-time monitoring and proactive security measures.


Unsecured applications

Many apps are vulnerable to hackers due to weak encryption, unsafe data storage, and database errors, risking leaks of private health or drug data. NetServ's App Security provides a strong, adaptable solution using effective tools to safeguard against threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches.


Business continuity threats

Healthcare and life sciences companies face risks like cyber-attacks, causing data breaches and system disruptions. This can lead to sensitive data loss, business interruptions, and impact on critical healthcare supplies. NetServ's approach ensures a resilient disaster recovery solution for business continuity.


Compliance control

Healthcare businesses must navigate complex rules like ACA, AHCA, HIPAA, and MACRA. NetServ provides expert Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services, using industry know-how and tech solutions to meet specific needs.