Financial Services

Financial IT digital transformation – Enhanced user experience, security, and PCI/SOX compliance.

IT infrastructure has become an integral part of the financial services industry, as the industry relies heavily on the latest technology to conduct its business securely. Financial services institutions need a trusted partner for digital transformation for IT. Netserv as your Partner has a proven track record of delivering results for financial services organizations.


Financial services companies need to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. From banking and capital markets to insurance to investment management, financial services firms face a critical, implacable opportunity to shape their and the industry’s future.

The key challenges that they face today are

Financial data protection (Eliminating data breaches)

Financial service firms are prime targets for cybercrime. Because of the sensitive data, they are more likely to be targeted. Financial service firms were hit 300 times more than other businesses. Each attack is costing financial service firms millions of dollars. They need to continue developing innovative solutions to stay ahead of these cybercriminals.

Regulatory compliant systems

Regulations in the financial service industry continue to increase year on year. Banks are spending a large part of their income on making sure they’re compliant. They have to make sure there are systems to keep up with ever-changing regulations and industry.

Exceeding customer expectations (Maximum uptime)

Consumers continue to expect a lot from their financial institutions. Many want more personalized services from their financial providers. Customers also expect zero interruptions in their banking transactions. That’s why it is so important to have a reliable IT infrastructure that is invincible.

Skill gap in emerging technologies

While financial firms have embraced technology, keeping up with innovation requires investment. Adopting digital technologies requires new skills which are in short supply and needs significant efforts to up-skill or re-skill employees. Also, Financial services employees rely on technology more than ever, and nothing hinders productivity like a network that’s down or slow and unresponsive. That’s why you need a partner that takes a proactive role in maintaining your IT infrastructure.

Emerging technologies

NetServ’s offerings

Netserv understands the specific business and technological needs of financial services organizations based on its experience in providing the services to other financial vertical organizations. Below is the overview of the specific offerings/solutions that Netserv provides for financial services organizations;

Transformation services

Transformation Services

  • Assessment.
  • Advisory, Upgradation & Migration.
  • Application Modernization.
  • Consulting Services.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Migration.
  • Cloud Security.
  • Cloud Operations.

Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity Services

  • Datacenter Services.
  • 24/7 Backup & Recovery services.
  • Proactive Monitoring.


Cybersecurity Solutions

  • 24/7 SOC services.
  • Datacenter and Cloud Security, Management, and Support services.


Compliance, Governance, Risk Management Services

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance.
  • Data protection and governance.
  • Risk Management Services.

Success stories

Cisco enterprise architecture for hybrid cloud and secure hybrid work

    Who was the client ?

  • One of our leading American Insurance and Financial services companies based out of the NY region and has operations in 50-plus countries.

    Business objective

  • Needed End-to-End Security solution for their hybrid cloud.

Solution highlights

NetServ’s solution included

  • We are providing Multi– domain architecture with end-to-end Trustsec, macro and micro-segmentation application policies, and observation capabilities.
  • Data Centers – All DCs with the same design included ACI Application-centric fabric, east-west, and north-south firewall, and computer including controller notes like ISE, Tetration, SMC, DNAC, APIC, etc.
  • Secure Campus & Secure Branch – included Wired and Wireless SD-Access fabric and ISE and SD-WAN solution for Security & application Performance.
  • Secure Remote Users– Remote Access VPN solution for security and application performance.
  • Observability and Operation– Each domain had visibility and assurance capabilities, and ThousandEye agents.