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Consulting and Advisory

In the dynamic realm of Healthcare and Life Sciences, the convergence of technology and security is instrumental. NetServ recognizes the intricate challenges in IT security and Cloud navigation. Our Consulting and Advisory Services offer tailored solutions, bolstering healthcare entities. With precision in assessment using AI and cloud protection tools, we pinpoint vulnerabilities and enhance security, providing a comprehensive view for strategic improvements.

Cloud and Data Center

In the ever-evolving industry landscape, a firm approach is essential. We integrate cutting-edge cybersecurity frameworks like NIST, CIS, and the emerging Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to future-proof your infrastructure. Our modernization roadmap ensures a resilient, agile IT ecosystem adapts to evolving threats and technological advancements. With security embedded in operations, our ongoing expert-led evolution process equips your organization to proactively combat emerging threats, fortifying operations for a secure digital future. In the healthcare and life sciences, we prioritize safeguarding patient data and exceeding industry standards for utmost confidence and peace of mind.

NetServ’s Key Offerings

Identity & Access Management Advisory

Organizations demand agility and innovation for seamless digital experiences in today's dynamic landscape. Complex ecosystems heightened cyber threats, and the surge in digital identities necessitates expert consultation to ensure secure, timely access.

Our Digital IAM Advisory Services include:


IAM Strategy & Roadmap

Crafting an IAM strategy for evolving business landscapes defines enterprise identity.

IAM Operating Model Design

Crafting the IAM model for intricate, hybrid, open enterprise with contextual focus.

External Identities Management Strategy

Crafting strategy for managing and governing external identity (partners, customers, citizens).

Silicon Identities Strategy

Crafting a plan for overseeing robot, IoT, micro-service, and API identities in the digital era.

IAM Federation & Integration Advisory

Guidance on federated tech integration in complex, open IAM environments.

Digital Risk Management Advisory

In today's dynamic business landscape, achieving seamless digital experiences demands agility and innovation. Our integrated approach to security addresses the growing complexity of ecosystems, ensuring value delivery in a fast-evolving, cyber-risk environment.

Our Digital Risk Management Advisory Services include:

  • Integrated Risk Management :

  • Mitigating risks, integrating real-time data, and visualizing for customers understanding.

  • Cyber Transformation Service Framework :

  • Programmatic approach for holistic security view, balancing, scaling, prioritizing, and justifying investments.

  • Privacy and Compliance Assessment :

  • Assessing privacy, compliance, and health risks with strong and best recommendations for improvement.

  • Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Assessment :

  • Evaluate vendor services, and suggest management strategy for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

  • Cybersecurity Crisis Preparedness :

  • Utilize our crisis simulations library for proactive crisis preparedness.

Digital Security Operations Modernization Advisory

In the era of digital transformation, organizations face heightened cyber risks. To thrive, businesses must revolutionize security operations, adapting to the evolving landscape. Our commitment is to empower enterprises with modern, proactive security solutions.

Our Security Operations Advisory services

Security Operations Capability

Security Operations Capability

Leverage tailored frameworks to grasp and prioritize your investment strategy effectively.

Security Operations Visibility

Security Operations Visibility

Analyzing enterprise telemetry, providing insights, and recommending improvements for understanding.

Managed Content Services

Managed Content Services

Leveraging smart assessments to visualize and tackle emerging threat scenarios effectively.

Replatforming Security Operations

Replatforming Security Operations

Evaluate the need for re-platforming, suggest an optimal approach, and select tech partners.

Security Operations Modernization Strategic Business Case

Security Operations Modernization Strategic Business Case

Creating roadmap, business case, "own vs. buy" assessment, and strategic recommendations.

Security Operations Mentoring and Training

Security Operations Mentoring and Training

Mentoring and training for security staff, spanning modern operations aspects.

Cybersecurity Crisis Response

Cybersecurity Crisis Response

Offering expert guidance for swift response, incident tracing, attack comprehension, threat hunting, containment, eradication, recovery, and lessons.

Cybersecurity Advisory and Accelerators

Modern organizations demand agility and innovation for seamless digital experiences. As ecosystems become intricate, cyber risks rise. To counter these challenges, a proactive cybersecurity strategy is essential, encompassing identity management, data protection, multi-cloud security, and regulatory compliance.

Our Cybersecurity Advisory Services and Accelerators include:

                        Consulting and Advisory
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy by Design Framework :

    Embedding cybersecurity and privacy in design, not adding them later.
  • Security Service Center Design :

    Design a flexible security center, retain vital knowledge, and leverage automation for resilience.
  • Security Target Operating Model Design :

    Assess current security, find gaps, and design the best model with processes.
  • Secure Multi-Cloud Operations Advisory :

    Enhancing cloud integration, empowering with accelerators for optimal performance.
  • Secure Automation Advisory :

    Assessing automation maturity and recommending measures for secure automation initiatives.
  • Digital Risk Management Advisory :

    Balancing risks, managing effectively, and ensuring business outcomes with timely delivery.
  • Digital Identity and Access Management (IAM) Advisory :

    Guiding human and silicon identity management with strategic advice and expertise.
  • Digital Security Operations Modernization Advisory :

    Assess, enhance visibility, prioritize recommendations, and achieve optimal secure operational state.

                        Consulting and Advisory