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Managed Infrastructure

We help you transition from "Reactive" to "Proactive" issue management.
With our domain-agnostic AIOps Solution!

With your organization's rapid growth, the demands of maintaining your IT infrastructure can overwhelm your team. Keeping the pace of development with limited resources can result in risks, vulnerabilities, and an increasing burden on your IT team.

Managed Infrastructure

With over decades of cloud and Datacenter experience, our unique approach delivers AIOPS based Full-stack observability, proactive root cause analysis, automated issue remediation, reduced MTTR, decreased call center case volume, single point of visibility for management, KPI reporting, and agility to deliver an environment that is secure, automated, scalable, software-defined and reliable.

Netserv’s Managed infrastructure includes


IT Infrastructure monitoring — AIOps


  • We help build a monitoring strategy to achieve FSO, cost-optimized, and AI-based proactive monitoring to reduce MTTR.
  • We help consolidate monitoring tools for monitoring cloud and datacenter.
  • We set up and configure IT infrastructure monitoring tools, e.g., Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, to ensure prompt detection of any IT issues occurring in your IT environment.
  • We provide reports on your resource consumption and the performance of IT infrastructure components, i.e., onsite or cloud IT solutions, data warehouses, etc.
  • We apply ITSM methodologies and processes to automate the ticketing process and increase visibility over the activities happening within your IT infrastructure.


IT services desk operations.

Our highly trained experts, processes, and tools manage the day-to-day operations of your multisite IT infrastructure by ensuring the agility and reliability of your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on delivering your business outcomes.

  • We help you increase your operational agility with proactive monitoring and managing IT hybrid infrastructure flexibly and cost-effectively.

IT infrastructure automation and optimization

  • Our team of highly trained infrastructure experts helps build a roadmap, plan, and design towards adopting automation and DevOps capabilities with the tools based on your skill sets.
  • Our team of architects and developers can help design, implement and manage the infrastructure as a code (IaC) pipeline.
  • Our development team works with your application development and support teams to adopt the new technology by delivering appropriate training and release notes.

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