Managed CyberSecurity

NetServ's Managed Security Services offer the best protection for healthcare and life sciences organizations, safeguarding them against the ever-increasing cyber-attack threat. While many still believe that technological solutions can thwart these threats, we understand that the reality is far more intricate. Protecting vital information assets demands a holistic approach, combining the elements of people, processes, and technology.

Managed CyberSecurity

Proficient in understanding cyber attackers' mindset, we leverage top-notch threat frameworks like Mitre's ATT&CK and Lockheed Martin's cyber kill chain . These form the basis of our defense strategy, ensuring effective counteraction against cyber adversaries.

Our Security Services

Threat Management

Improve industry resilience against emerging threats with NetServ's Cyber Threat Management Services. Our expert team offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, combining top-notch hackers, researchers, analysts, and incident responders. Benefit from around-the-clock monitoring, advanced threat detection, and a unified, intelligent security approach for safeguarding critical data in hybrid cloud environments.

Managed CyberSecurity
  • Secure Infrastructure and Applications :

    Advance your healthcare security with our expert solutions, safeguarding against OT, IoT, and IoMT threats.
  • Proactive security to stay ahead of threats :

    Leverage AI, and automation for proactive security. Anticipate threats, optimize defense, and ensure industry-specific safety and resilience.
  • Reduced risk exposure :

    Increase industry efficiency through AI insights, streamline tests, and prioritize impactful vulnerability remediation for optimal performance.

Managed Detection and Response

In the healthcare and life science sectors, cyber threats are pervasive. Safeguard organization with NetServ's Threat Detection and Response services, ensuring comprehensive protection. Our 24/7 threat management, powered by AI, enhances security, operational efficiency, and hybrid cloud safety. Bid farewell to alert fatigue and vulnerability blind spots with our MDR services.

Threat management

Accelerate business transformation

Maximize healthcare data efficiency in hybrid cloud, consolidate sources with 24/7 managed Protection Tool.
Threat management

Practice proactive security to reduce risk

Proactively secure healthcare and life science operations, detecting threats, receiving tailored advice, and fortifying defenses.
Threat management

Continuously improve security operations

Strengthen healthcare and life sciences collaboration, boost visibility, detect threats, and minimize business risks for resilience.

Managed Endpoint Security

In the healthcare and life science sector, safeguarding devices from cyber threats is crucial. Integrating advanced technologies like mobile, IoT, and cloud has become essential, but increasing cyber threats pose challenges. Organizations seek ways to enhance endpoint security for data protection. Our solution provides expert services, fortifying enterprises against cyber threats, ensuring data integrity and compliance, and facilitating innovation in this rapidly evolving industry.

Endpoint Security

Visibility across environments

Secure critical healthcare and life science data with antivirus, encryption, and continuous oversight in dynamic environments.
Endpoint Security


Elevate healthcare security with seamless integration, best support for endpoint protection, and expert solutions for compliance.
Endpoint Security

Skilled security

Trusted certified experts with healthcare and life science security with adept endpoint solutions and vigilant monitoring.

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