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Next Generation Healthcare IT services - Visibility and security to all connected devices including IoT and IoMT...!

The healthcare industry is continuously in the leading age of innovation. Healthcare providers face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing landscape. This rapidly changing landscape provides significant challenges including visibility, location, and security concerns for the industry.

The keys to protecting your organization’s reputation, ensuring patient safety, and boosting financial stability start with building your healthcare organization’s immunity through optimized critical infrastructure along with flexible services and support for your team. Other factors such as aging physical infrastructure, rising costs, ever-changing regulatory requirements, and a shortage of skilled workers also contribute to technology risks for healthcare.


NetServ helps overcome these challenges with its robust healthcare consulting services and healthcare emerging technology solutions. To support their rapid acceleration space, we offer comprehensive services to healthcare customers including digital transformations, future security architectures, IT infrastructure, and security monitoring and operations. Our services can help lower your costs, increase your security, create an efficient network, establish strong infrastructure, and empower your team to provide the best possible care for patients.

Our managed SOC for the healthcare industry secures all your devices including IoT and IoMT devices. This provides 24x7 proactive security monitoring, threat detection, malware detection and prevention, dark web monitoring, email security services to secure healthcare customer's infrastructure and data.

Our managed SOC experts can detect, contain, and respond to threat incidents or security breaches and enable your business to avoid costly disruptions and damaging data loss from attacks.


Netserv’s healthcare solution and offerings

Managed SoC for healthcare

Managed SOC for

Netserv provides Healthcare industry-focused managed SOC and specialised clinical SOC solutions.

  • Provides 24×7 proactive security monitoring, threat detection, Malware detection and prevention, Dark Web monitoring, Email security services to secure Customer's Infrastructure, and data.
  • Monitors and secures your IoT and IoMT devices, along with typical user and network devices.
  • Provides Periodic security assessments and compliance management for different healthcare security compliance like HIPAA.
  • provide an integrated security framework with vulnerability management, SOAR, and proactive threat hunting to ensure mature and enhanced cybersecurity decisions.

Consulting services for healthcare

Consulting services for

NetServ employs proven methodologies developed over years of healthcare consulting and IT outsourcing. Netserv’s healthcare IT consultants have experience in pharmaceutical and biotech domains, healthcare, medical devices, etc.

Key consulting services for healthcare include:

  • Plan & Strategy for healthcare IT digital transformation.
  • Advisory services.
  • Proof of concepts.
  • Security.
  • Assessments & workshops .

Managed Services for healthcare

Managed services for

As a leading provider of healthcare managed services, NetServ offers solution ownership & flexibility by allowing our clients to bundle the right coverage and skill sets for their organization. Our Managed Services are specifically designed for healthcare, we provide the below services.

  • Provides 24×7 proactive monitoring and operation services to reduce the downtime and mean time to resolve (MTTR) of user and patient cases.
  • SLA-Driven and continuously optimized to deliver excellent patient care.
  • Manage, monitor, and operate IoT and IoMT devices along with typical end-user, server, and network devices.


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