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Cloud Readiness Assessments

Cloud Readiness Assessments
A cloud readiness assessment is when an organization looks at its resources and IT environment to determine if it is feasible and the outcomes of migrating to the cloud.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the purchase price of an asset plus the operation costs. Assessing the total cost of ownership represents taking a bigger picture of the product and its value over time.

Our team of Cloud experts with cloud first approach, leverages our proven framework for cloud strategy which includes planning, roadmap, assessment, workshops and advisory services to develop a successful cloud strategy.

During this phase, we gather all the required data and analyze the current state, generate detailed reports of inventory assets for migration, relevant cloud services identification, comprehensive application analysis, uncover security vulnerabilities, and forecast cost analysis . Recommendations for future state architecture based on your business goals and objectives.


Our cloud operational model assessment helps understand and define a cloud operating model for organizational structure, financial model, governance risk, and compliance requirements for your future cloud operating model.


Our cloud security assessment provides the information required for an intelligent risk-based decision-making process to help architect a secure environment, including Network and System Vulnerability, Server, Compliance Assessments, Network/Security System Compliance Assessments, etc.


Our cloud financial management assessment helps the organization's finance team align with IT resource requirements in the cloud environment, Workload placement decisions, Helps IT teams and Finance teams to build a strong understanding of disciplined policies and procedures to adopt for successful financial management.

Our key Cloud Assessment focus areas

  • Business objectives and goals
  • Strategic planning to architect and map workloads to relevant cloud services
  • The comprehensive strategy and policy for cloud migration
  • Identify workloads to appropriate cloud services based on performance, cost, and reliability

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