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Full Stack Managed AIOps

Take control of your IT infrastructure with full-stack AIOPS!

Our AIOps solution brings together data from IT operations and IT service management, allowing teams to perform a range of intelligent actions automatically.

NetServ monitoring offering provides the path to full-stack observability in today's complex and distributed infrastructure landscape.

Full Stack Managed AIOps

We don't just monitor your infrastructure; with domain-agnostic AIOps managed service solutions, we enhance your IT infrastructure operations which include(s) anomaly detection, diagnostic information, smart event correlation, and proactive root cause analysis (RCA) to improve MTTR, automated remediation, monitoring, service management, and task automation.

We monitor all your mission-critical infrastructure components, including Applications, Services, Operating Systems, Cloud, Network Infrastructure, Database, System Metrics, and Storage. Now, proactively identify, assess & mitigate risks and issues to deliver a flawless end-user experience with AIOps.


We help transition your IT from "reactive" to "proactive" issue resolution!


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There is no future of IT operations that does not include AIOps. This is due to the rapid growth in data volumes and pace of change (exemplified by the rate of application delivery and event-driven business models) that cannot wait on humans to derive insights.

AIOps platform brings agility and innovation to a broad range of IT practices, including infrastructure and operations, DevOps, and SRE. However, the more focused outcomes are within the Infra and functions domain, including root cause analysis, anomaly detection, event correlation, and business insights to improve monitoring, service management, and automation tasks.


With our domain-agnostic solutions, we ingest data from various sources, including Infra, network, applications, existing monitoring tools, etc. By applying machine learning, we further enhance data analytics to correlate events across various domains or sources. Event correlation helps prevent outages faster by connecting data from multiple sources. With IT tasks automation, we automate manual aspects of incident response such as ticketing, notification, and other workflows; we can drive faster issue resolution and enable auto-remediation.

How can NetServ help ?

Our industry-leading managed AIOps service provides the following benefits.

  • Advanced data ingestion and handling
  • Mature machine learning (ML) analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Proactive remediation
  • Smart event correlation
  • Faster root cause analysis
  • Reduce MTTR
  • Automate incident response tasks

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