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Managed VDI/DaaS Services

Increase workforce productivity and IT efficiency with world-class computing solutions.

Previously, you could conduct multi-person remote work using a VPN, remote desktop, or virtual computers on physical servers. However, as the usage of remote work has increased, these technologies have become more incapable of meeting the demands of organizations in terms of information security and work productivity. Managing the manageability, safety, and infrastructure required to keep a corporation going has become complex with the proliferation of personnel and environments. Because of these problems, IT professionals seek ways to simplify administration safely.

VDI/DaaS services
VDI/DaaS services

Virtualization technology for Apps and Desktop provides an adaptable virtual desktop environment for your enterprise. Deploying Managed Virtual desktop infrastructure Desktop as a Service/Virtual desktop infrastructure (DaaS/VDI)solution allows you to relieve your team of any IT concerns. Furthermore, employees may securely access data and apps on their endpoint devices such as cellphones, computers, and tablets at any time and from any location.

NetServ supports the whole range of virtual desktop needs produced on VDI/DaaS platform. We help you shorten the time to market and provide new users with PCs within a day. With a comprehensive end-to-end management service as well as 24×7 client assistance.

How NetServ's VDI/DaaS benefit your company?

Customers benefit from our Managed VDI/DaaS solution by receiving a secure end-to-end secure anywhere virtual desktop on Virtual Apps and Desktops, including workload transfer, peripheral integration, monitoring, and administration of the entire end-user computing environment.

(VDI/DaaS) services

    NetServ’s Managed VDI/DaaS offers

    NetServ's Managed VDI/DaaS allows customer IT teams to focus on their core business while removing the stress of dealing with end-user issues regularly. The solution enables

    (VDI/DaaS) services

    End-to-end ownership

    Complete ownership and end-to-end deployment and maintenance of VDI/DaaS.

    Enhanced employee productivity and improved end-user experience

    SLAs focused on outcomes for improved end-user experience and seamless access to company applications with little disturbance.

    Scalable and secure

    A scalable and secure system that enables the addition of additional users in minutes.

    Completely aligned to business objectives

    Redirect IT resources away from endpoint monitoring, business transformation, and higher-value initiatives.

    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Significant savings on highly trained in-house resources, power usage, and complex licensing difficulties lead to a lower total cost of ownership.