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Managed Security Services

Protect your business and secure your data with our managed cybersecurity services

In Today’s world, most of the stuff is moving to the cloud and SaaS; building and maintaining infrastructure and cyber security in-house is not an easy task. This requires the best technology stack, strong technical expertise, and operational model to assess, monitor, and respond timely.

Our managed security services are based on an industry’s best practices model and run by the best security experts. These 24x7 services include comprehensive security operations, compliance management, vulnerability management, endpoint security, cloud, network security, etc.

Managed Security Services
Managed SOC
Our SOC team provides proactive security monitoring, incident response, recovery, and remediation activities to protect from NextGen malware, breaches, etc., to secure your business and data.
Compliance management
The world is connected more than ever before, and so data breaches and regulations continue to increase. Our expert team provides compliance management for HIPAA, GDPR CMMC, NIST, and cyber insurance policies.
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management is a key to discovering new and potential vulnerabilities in your systems, software, and configurations. Our services include vulnerability scans, identifying, evaluating, and treating exposures using AI/ML-based software platforms.

Our managed security services provides the following offerings

Advanced security monitoring

Advanced security monitoring makes your threat detection smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The centralized tracking monitors the OT/IoT solutions and identifies inside and advanced threats.

Malware detection

Malware can be disastrous to your organization, resulting in data theft, extortion, or the crippling of network systems. It exploits target system vulnerabilities, such as a bug that can be hijacked.

Patch and antivirus software management

Managed antivirus is a centrally-managed software/service that protects your organization's end-user devices and servers from virus threats. Tt updates programs automatically; your employees do not need to update or scan their machines independently.

Security compliance management

Security compliance management is the process of monitoring and assessing systems, devices, and networks to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements, as well as industry and local cybersecurity standards.


Threat detection & Response

Threat detection and response utilize big data analytics to find threats across large and disparate data sets. The objective is to find anomalies, analyze their threat level, and determine what mitigative action(s) may be required in response. The demand for threat detection and response solutions has grown as the volume of data increases exponentially.

Dark web monitoring

The dark web monitoring services monitor and respond to the leak or abuse of sensitive information. It scans for non-public information, personally identifiable information, and all other forms of sensitive data published on the dark web.


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