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Cloud Security

Cloud security refers to the practice of protecting cloud computing environments such as applications, data, and information.

Our cloud security helps secure cloud environments against unauthorized access to attacks, hackers, malware, and other risks.

Cloud Security

Some of the Cloud Security considerations

  • Lack of visibility and shadow IT
  • Lack of control
  • API security
  • Embedded/Default credentials and secrets
  • Multi-Tenancy - shared resources
  • Malware and external attackers
  • Insider Threats – Privileges

Security best Practices


Strategy and Policy - Cloud Security Governance

A holistic cloud security program should account for ownership and accountability of cloud security risks, gaps in protection/compliance, and identify controls needed to mature security and reach the desired end state.

Network Segmentation

In multi-tenant environments, leverage a zone approach to isolate instances, containers, applications, and whole systems from each other when possible.


IAM Management and Privileged Access Management

Ensure privileges are role-based and that privileged accesses are audited and recorded via session monitoring.

Cloud Asset Management

Discovery and onboarding should be automated as much as possible to eliminate shadow IT.


Password Control (Privileged and Non-Privileged Passwords)

Ensure password management best practices.

Vulnerability Management

Regularly perform vulnerability scans and security audits and patch the known vulnerabilities.



Ensure your cloud data is encrypted, at rest, and in transit.

Disaster Recovery

Be aware of the data backup, retention, and recovery policies and processes for your cloud vendor(s).


Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

Implement continual security and user activity monitoring across all environments and instances.


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