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Partner Enablement

Would you like to scale out your product/technology through channel partners?

The NetServ team has expertise and years of experience with partner enablement for OEM vendors. We bring that deep experience and methodology to accelerate startup growth. In addition, we have a dedicated team with the expertise to enable partner sales, pre-sales, and post-sales teams.


NetServ provides startup companies the training, documents, and information they need to carry out their sales process and offer their product or service to SI partners. NetServ serves both pre-sales and post-sales services.

Pre-sales partner enablement

The pre-sales enablement includes training and KT for demos, PoCs/POVs, requirement gathering, and solutions.

NetServ offers pre-sales training and KT in the following areas

  • In-depth understanding of demo and PoC user cases
  • High-level design/solution based on best practices

Sales pitch preparation, requirement collecting and documentation, product
or service presentation, and negotiating abilities


Post-sales partner enablement

The post-sales enablement includes training, design review, and pilot deployment mentoring services. In addition, we work with your engineering team to create content around your solution’s best practices design, deployment, and operations. All this results in faster deployment and smoother solution adoption.

NetServ offers post-sales training in the following areas

  • In-depth understanding of post-sales activities such as solution and architectural overview and best practices deployment.
  • Hands-on labs for greenfield and brownfield deployments
  • Day-N Operations and troubleshooting

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