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Technical Education Services
We offer a comprehensive set of advanced technical training courses. These Courses enable IT professionals with the knowledge they need to adopt new technologies and perform implementation based on industry best practices.

Our specialized training offerings include Software-defined networking, Automation/DevOps, Kubernetes, and cloud technologies. We focus on providing your teams with hands-on experience to design, configure, and implement.

Cloud Training



This 2 day course provides an overview of Kubernetes and the tools necessary for implementing Container Orchestration. This course aims to understand how Kubernetes works and how to manage and operate containers. This course will also include hands-on labs, which include Kubernetes administration and operational features.

AWS Cloud Formation

This is a 1 day course that teaches how to take advantage of the automation and orchestration features of CloudFormation in AWS. In this course, you will learn CloudFormation through instructor-led demonstrations as well as hands-on exercises.

Data Center Training

ACI Design and Deployment

This is a 4 day Instructor-led program designed for engineers who will implement and manage the Cisco ACI solution. The training covers ACI architecture, different deployment modes, network/app segmentation, security contracts, policies, and administration. This is a hands-on course in which attendees will perform ACI administration and operational tasks.

Ansible For Network engineers

This 2 day course introduces you to the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and how to use it to create and manage enterprise-grade automation. The training covers Ansible modules & workflows, how to create Ansible playbooks for task execution standardization, manage Ansible vault's encryption, and how to leverage Ansible in a DevOps environment.

Cisco Intersight

This 2 day hands-on course covers the Architecture, Configuration, and Operation of Cisco Intersight and is designed to serve the needs of engineers seeking to understand the capabilities of Cisco Intersight from a pre and post-deployment perspective. This course also includes a hands-on lab which includes Intersight configuration and administration tasks.

HyperFlex Fundamentals

1 day

This 1 day class introduces the students to the hyper-converged infrastructure and presents the Cisco HyperFlex (HX) hardware and software architecture. Additional topics include Pre-installation requirements, best practices, and post-installation requirements are delivered in conjunction with the HX Data Platform Installer as a utility to streamline cluster creation and validation.

HyperFlex Advanced

2 day

This 2 day instructor-led course has been designed for engineers who will implement and manage the Cisco HyperFlex System. The course includes creating and managing computing, storage, and networking infrastructure into a simplified, easy-to-use HyperFlex. This course also consists of hands-on labs.

Enterprise Network Training


Software-Defined WAN

This 2 day course covers Cisco Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), an overlay architecture that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional WAN. Students will deploy a Cisco SD-WAN over any transport and provide management, policy control, and application visibility across the enterprise. This hands-on course covers the Cisco SD-WAN product and contains extensive labs.

Software-Defined Access

This 2 day training course covers how SD-Access offers Cisco's next-generation programmable digital network to help automate common network access security features and streamline the redundant, complex configuration required to allow different groups of users access to the network infrastructure. This hands-on course includes SD-Access administration and operational tasks.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

This 2 day training course covers SASE overview and framework. It covers the SASE use cases related to secure access, services edge, cloud security. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of SASE architecture, administration, and hands-on labs bases on SESE use cases and best practices.

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Benefits of NetServ Technical Training Service

  • Customized Training
  • Trainers have Experience and Expertise with technical domains
  • Advanced hands-on-lab
  • Advanced and use case focused training content

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